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Forward Investment Advisors


Our investment management services begin with the creation of stated goals, timelines, risk parameters, and discussion of our investment philosophy.  Once this foundation has been established, we implement, monitor, and make adjustments on an ongoing basis, as economic and personal situations require.  The investments we select are a combination of no load mutual funds and individual stocks, based upon your risk level as well as level of comfort.  Included with this service are quarterly market commentaries, reports detailing each investment in your portfolio, performance reports, and an invoice.  The reports include a listing of interest and dividend payments, holding periods of every investment, potential capital loss/gains, performance on a quarterly, annual and since inception basis.  Periodic reviews are held to review your investments and current situation.  This time is also utilized to educate you on financial topics.



These services offer detailed analysis of your overall financial picture and are useful for determining potential risk exposures, problems and opportunities.  This planning process allows us to deeper understand your overall objectives for both you and your loved ones.  Financial planning is an ongoing process, not a one-time event.  As situations change it is important to reevaluate and adjust facets of your plan.  Through the planning process we can provide a detailed guide to assist you in your achievements.  This service is also available as part of our investment management.  The financial plan may include the following: 

           Net Worth Statement

           Investment Analysis

           Risk Analysis

           Goal Planning

           Education Funding Projections

           Retirement Needs Analysis


These services provide you an opportunity to have our professional advisors review an existing portfolio, discuss the allocation, design, risks and suitability for your goals.  Recommendations are made regarding possible adjustments, allocation changes, and investments for your consideration.  Investment analysis charts, graphs, written commentary and recommendation advice are provided at our presentation meeting. 

This service is best suited for people desiring professional counsel without a desire for implementation assistance or those with all-stock portfolios, annuities, and corporate retirement plans, such as 401k's.  Fees for this service are billed at $120 per hour with a three-hour minimum. 



For additional information, a copy of Form ADV Part II, Business Continuity Plan or to schedule a FREE consultation,

please call us at (608) 833-9400

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