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Forward Investment Advisors


Personalized attention is a core quality of Forward Investment Advisors.  We realize people want a clear understanding of where they are, where they are going and what benefits they receive.  Our deep understanding of our client's unique situation distinguishes us from others.  Each relationship begins with an initial informal face-to-face meeting where we get to know you. In short, Forward Investment Advisors is a service-oriented company seeking to improve your financial life through focusing on what is most important to you. We also provide you with a packet that guides our discussion and assists in discovering your needs, objectives, and risk parameters.  Then we develop a customized plan to accomplish your stated goals and objectives.  After we have discussed and agreed upon an appropriate course of action, we implement and monitor our recommendations.  Each quarter you will receive a detailed investment report, performance report, and invoice clearly stating your fee and how it is calculated.  We hold periodic reviews and make ourselves available to meet with you at any time.



Asset selection is the most visible aspect of investing and the part that garners the most attention. The method, logic and reasons of selecting an asset are just as important.  We believe that investing is the culmination of a well designed, deeply discussed, agreed upon set of goals and parameters.  Allocation of assets is the result of planning and thoughtful consideration. 

Through the use of no-load mutual funds and individual stocks, we invest over all asset classes (cash, bonds, large, small, growth, value), as well as the various sectors and industries (healthcare, technology, energy, finance, consumer staples.....).

Individual stocks are used to create a concentration or exposure to one area.  When appropriate we utilize Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Energy Trusts and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to gain access to energy and real estate that provides steady income and capital appreciation.  Each asset is selected for a specific purpose of style, concentration, or timeframe that dovetails into your overall portfolio. 

Diversification allows for opportunities to participate in growing areas, while limiting over exposure.  Balance is key to growth and stability of a portfolio over time.  It is also proven to reduce volatility, which increases the probability of greater overall risk-adjusted return.


The financial planning process evaluates your entire financial life, not simply investments selection.  As we believe each person is unique, we also believe that each financial situation is diverse and should be evaluated for risks, efficiencies, and optimal benefit.  Financial planning is an ongoing process, not a one-time event.  As situations change it is important to reevaluate and adjust facets of your plan.  Through the planning process we can provide a detailed guide to assist you in your achievements.

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