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Forward Investment Advisors

Forward Investment Advisors, Inc. seeks to clearly define and achieve your financial goals.  Through evaluation of your specific financial situation and objectives, our services are designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of your financial life. 


As your investment advisor, we are focused on utilizing investments and services that fit within your risk parameters.  

Forward Investment Advisors, Inc.
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Our Team
Gregory E Jones, President | Phone: (608) 833-9400

Manda - Headshot Picture_edited.jpg
Manda R. Jones, 
Office Manager/Efficiency Expert | Phone: (608) 833-9400

Greg is a principal and president of Forward Investment Advisors, Inc.  He is a graduate of the College for Financial Planning and received his business degree from Taylor University. 


He is a SmartVestor Pro who specializes in client goal design and portfolio management.  He began his investment career in Indianapolis, IN where he worked in the financial planning business and moved to Madison, WI in 2001.  He is married with two children. 

Manda has worked with Forward Investment Advisors for over 15 years.  She graduated Cum Laude from Taylor University.  She specializes in procedural organization and client service.  She is an amazing mother of two, LOVES baking and all things food, and has the most wonderful laugh and smile.   

Her organizational skills, attention to detail, and engaging personality bring a warmth to the often staid world of finance.

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